Third: The Curse of Peladon

curse_of_peladon_7703Writer: Brian Hayles

Director: Lennie Mayne

Producer: Barry Letts

Companion: Jo Grant (Katy Manning)

Season: 9, episode 2 (5-8)

No. of Episodes: 4

Summary: The Doctor believes he’s finally gotten the TARDIS working correctly, so he takes Jo on a test flight, landing on the planet Peladon.  They meet the soon-to-be-crowned king of Peladon, who is meeting with a committee of ambassadors for the Galactic Federation. But there is murder afoot.

Review: One of the things I love about Classic Who is that even though it had very little budget, it could tell an excellent story. So what if Alpha Centauri looks dreadful?

The Doctor and Jo make a great team here. Jo is funny when she and the Doctor pose as a princess and an ambassador and she playfully chastises the Doctor for their crash landing.

This story brings about a change in the narrative for the Ice Warriors. Up until this story, they were presented as menacing monsters. This story places them in a more sympathetic light, as they are framed in this story, rather than the villains. This story also began the end of Pertwee’s earthbound stories.

Overall Review: 9/10

Continuity: The Doctor uses the same Venusian lullaby that he used in “The Daemons”. The Doctor also posed as an Earth official in “The Power of the Daleks”.





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