Twelfth: Sleep No More

sleep no moreWriter: Mark Gatiss

Director: Justin Molotnikov

Producer: Nikki Wilson

Companion: Clara Oswald

Series: 9, episode 9

Summary: This episode is told in “found-footage” style, similar to movies like Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project. A space station has been invaded by strange monsters made of “sleep dust”, the dust left in your eyes when you wake up. These monsters absorb crew members into themselves. The crewmembers don’t sleep, and instead use “Morpheus Pods” to renew themselves, subjecting themselves to a state similar to sleep.

Review: This is probably the most hated episode of Capaldi’s era. I like the uniqueness of it, as Cloverfield is one of my favorite horror films. The Morpheus Pods were an interesting invention. I’ll admit that I find the monsters ridiculous.

However, I am in a different camp from other Whovians. I actually found this train wreck of an episode amusing. To me, this is merely so bad it’s good. I suggest going in and treating it like watching Mystery Science Theater. Just sit back and laugh at how ridiculous the plot is.

Overall Review: 5/10





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