Twelfth: Face the Raven

face the ravenWriter: Sarah Dollard

Director: Justin Mololnikov

Producer: Nikki Wilson

Series: 9, episode 10

Companion: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)

Summary: Clara is called by Rigsy, who helped her when the Boneless attacked. He has a tattoo on the back of his neck that is counting down to his death.  They discover that he has killed an alien and has been marked for death by Ashieldr, who is now the “mayor” of a “trap street”, a place where aliens live. Clara sacrifices herself by taking his place.

Review: Clara has become one of the most hated companions of modern Doctor Who, almost as much as Rose was during Eccleston and Tennant’s eras. Even though I had trouble accepting Clara during Matt Smith’s era, I believe Capaldi’s era was a big improvement on her character, giving her a purpose beyond just “The Impossible Girl”.

This story brings Ashieldr’s arc to its conclusion. I liked this change to her character. It gave her a sense of purpose to her endless existence.

This is the strongest story featuring Clara. Up until this point, the only other companions who died were Adric and Sara Kingdom.

Continuity: Rigsy was introduced in “Flatline.” Ashildr believes that her street is a better place for aliens than the occupation the Zygons have. She receives the Doctor’s Confession Dial, which was introduced at the beginning of the season.




2 comments on “Twelfth: Face the Raven

  1. What’s your source–besides personal taste and opinion–for your statements about Rose and Clara being ‘hated’? Leaving aside the fact that I love both of them (Rose is my favorite companion of the modern era, followed by Donna and then Clara), it makes no sense to me that the show would have left Clara in place for so long if so many hated her. Just curious as to where you’re getting that from–because if it were me, I would draw a distinction between ‘hated by me’ (ex. Martha) and hated by the vast majority of Whovians.

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