Twelfth: Hell Bent (Part 2)

Writer: Steven Moffatt

Director: Rachel Talalay

Producer: Peter Bennett

Companion: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)

Series: 9, episode 13

Summary: The Doctor arrives on Gallifrey and attempts to extract Clara from her death. Thanks to Time Lord technology, she is now still conscious and affected by the world around her, but she no longer ages, breathes, or anything else one does in life.

Review: I want to put this out there right now. I was not one of the many, many fans who didn’t like Clara. I actually thought she was all right. When she died, I was surprised because the last time we had a companion actually die was all the way back in Peter Davison’s era. This episode, I feel, almost cheapens her sacrifice. What’s the point of killing off a character if you’re just going to bring her back anyway?

It was great to see Gallifrey again and see what happened to Rassilon after he was attacked by the Master. That part I liked. The cinematography for Gallifrey was great.

So was this a great finale for Series 9? Yes and no. There were some things I was disappointed with, but even with that it was a fitting conclusion for Clara.

Overall Review: 7/10

Continuity: We can still see the countdown on the back of Clara’s neck. Clara had died in “Face the Raven”. She is joined by Ashildr, who was last seen in that episode as well. The General regenerates into a woman, which may be considered a foreshadowing of the upcoming regeneration into Jodie Whittaker.







2 comments on “Twelfth: Hell Bent (Part 2)

  1. I liked Clara too. Second-favorite companion since 2005, in fact. I don’t really think having her taken out of time in this episode cheapens her death–her death is a fixed point in time, and the implication is, late or soon, she’s still going to have to face it. That’s true of us all, in fact. So how’s Clara’s death any less meaningful, just because she knows when and where it’s going to happen? I wish Clara and Lady Me (I refuse to call her Ashildr, as that isn’t the name she answers to, and I dislike it when someone calls me ‘William”) had gotten their spinoff, but oh well. Anyway, I very much enjoyed this episode.

  2. I don’t call her Me because I feel like I’m writing a “Who’s on First” routine when I do that. 😛
    I don’t know why it felt like a let down. Maybe it’s because I was so shocked because when you think about it, we’ve only had 3 other companions die, and they were all in the Classic period. (And two of them were in The Dalek Master Plan, one of the darkest stories from that era!) The modern-day Who has never done that, and I consider having a character as important as Clara a bold move.

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