First: The Space Museum

space museum

Writer: Glyn Jones

Director: Mervyn Pinfield

Producer: Verity Lambert

Companions: Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill), Ian Chesterton (William Russell), Vicki (Maureen O’Brien)

Season: 2, ep. 7 (“The Space Museum”, “Dimensions of Time”, “The Search”, “The Final Phase”)

Summary: The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki arrive on the planet Xeros, having jumped a time track. They discover their future selves are now exhibits in a museum. Vicki discovers that the natives are rebelling against a race called the Moroks, and they must help the rebels if they wish to prevent themselves from becoming exhibits.

Review: I tend to give Hartnell’s era more leeway than I do the later eras because I know it’s so early in the show’s history, and many of the things that I’m familiar with have yet to be established. I thought this story had a good start when the Doctor and his companions were trying to figure out why they were transparent (I especially liked the scene where Vicki spilled a glass and the liquid inside was suspended in mid-air.)

The story seemed to lose its way once the Doctor and his companions were in the right timeline. It kind of slowed down in the third part, which usually doesn’t happen in four-parters.

Continuity: This story introduces the TARDIS’s Time-Space Visualizer, which also appears in the next story, “The Chase”.

Trivia: William Hartnell was on holiday during the filming of part 3, which is why the Doctor does not appear in this part. During the production of this story, Jacqueline Hill decided she wanted to leave the series. Dako is played by Michael Craze’s younger brother, Peter Craze.





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