Sixth Audio: Project Twilight

project twilightWriter: Cavan Scott & Mark Wright

Director/Producer: Gary Russell

Companion: Dr. Evelyn Smyth (Maggie Staples)

Running Time: 1 hr. 30 minutes

Summary: The Doctor and Evelyn find a trail of dead animals and discover that humans have been eating them. The Doctor and Evelyn investigate, causing him to meet Dr. William Abberton, (aka Nimrod), a mad scientist working with The Forge, who are trying to create human/vampire hybrids.

Review: I like that Evelyn is now learning that being the Doctor’s companion isn’t always fun.

This is a great horror story. Stephen Chance is great as Nimrod, but the true star is Holly De Jong as Amelia, one of his test subjects. When Amelia takes over as the main villain, De Jong does a great job of conveying her desperation.  I liked that this revealed another part of the Time Lords’ history: they are vampire hunters. It actually makes sense. Both are beings who can cheat death.

Colin Baker and Maggie Stables are still a great team. Evelyn’s softer side complements the Doctor’s anger and hatred of his foes. My only gripe is how abrupt the story ends. But considering this only starts an arc, I suppose that’s bound to happen.

Continuity: This is the second time the Zagreus poem is mentioned, the first was in the Eighth Doctor story Neverland. He mentions meeting Harry Houdini, who he also mentioned meeting in “Planet of the Spiders”. The Doctor met Kublai Khan in the First Doctor story “Marco Polo”.

Overall Review: 8/10

Note: This story can only be downloaded from Big Finish’s website or listened to on Spotify.




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