Second: Enemy of the World

enemyWriter: David Whittaker

Director: Barry Letts

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Companions: Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines), Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling)

Season: 5, ep. 4 (eps 17-22)

Summary: The Doctor discovers that he is mistaken for a mastermind named Leader Salamander, who is plotting to become dictator of the world.  Both Jamie and Victoria are captured by the real Salamander, and the Doctor realizes he must impersonate Salamander to prevent him, with the help of a covert team plotting against the villain.

Review: This is a different kind of story for Doctor Who. He’s not fighting an alien menace that’s attacking a base, like we’d normally see in Troughton’s era. Instead, he’s fighting an ordinary human villain, one who is very much like what he’d be if he were evil. Salamander seems more like he should be trading one-liners with James Bond. But amazingly, he still fits because he is a competent villain.

Patrick Troughton plays both the Doctor and Salamander well.  All he has to do to be Salamander is adopt a different persona and accent.  What’s great about Salamander is that his underlings treat him with respect, and vice versa. He almost seems like someone who’d be a good person, until you see the people he’s repressed. He surrounds himself with people he can respect or manipulate, but he’s still corrupt.

My only complaint is that again we have a story where Victoria doesn’t do much. I hate this because Deborah Watling is dead, and I don’t want people thinking that because I find Victoria so bland, that must mean I don’t like Watling. That’s just not true.  Also, I felt the ending was a bit weak. Even so, I think it’s great that this story was found again. It really showcases the kind of actor Troughton was.

Trivia: Mary Peach, who plays Astrid, asked to be on Doctor Who because her children did not believe she was a real actress. “Enemy of the World” was missing for years, with the exception of the third episode, until 2013, when it was recovered from a TV relay station in Jos, Nigeria, along with the following episode “The Web of Fear”. This is the second of two serials in which the actor playing the Doctor also played another character in the same story (the other one being “The Massacre on St. Bartholomew’s Eve” during Hartnell’s era). Contrary to a myth, Troughton was indeed supposed to play both characters from the beginning. (A myth says that they couldn’t find an actor to play Salamander.)



2 comments on “Second: Enemy of the World

  1. It’s a shame they could only do one scene with both Salamander snd Troughton. They wanted to do more “Parent Trap” style scenes, but that was the only one where the camera didn’t jam.

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