Companion Chronicles: The Mahogany Murders

mahoganyWriter: Andy Lane

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Producer: David Richardson

Companions: Henry Jago (main narrator)(Christopher Benjamin), Professor George Litefoot (Trevor Baxter)

Series: 3.11

Running Time: 1 hour, excluding interviews

Summary: The renowned actor Henry Jago recounts to his old friend George Litefoot a recent encounter with a mystery he recently investigated. A dead body has been discovered on the banks of the Thames river, but in reality it’s a mannequin made out of wood. The mannequin is actually alive, and working for a scientist named Dr. Tulp.

Review: In my research of the Jago and Litefoot Stories, I learned that I’d started with the wrong story. This is the one I should’ve started with, not the first boxed set of the actual series. The story is actually a lot of fun. Henry Jago is an amusing narrator and even though we don’t hear Dr. Tulp (he would become a recurring villain in the series proper), he’s still a good villain. It’s a great start for the return of the intrepid duo.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Continuity: Jago recalls the “Weng-Chiang incident”, referencing their first appearance.

Trivia: Trevox Baxter died on July 18, 2017. This review is dedicated to his memory. Christopher Benjamin has played in three Doctor Who stories. He was Sir Keith Gold in “Inferno”, Colonel Curbishley in “The Unicorn and the Wasp”,  as well as Litefoot.






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