How to read my reviews:

No. of Episodes: On Classic stories and audio dramas only. This will tell you how many episodes are in the serial or audio drama. (Note: When the TV show uses more than one episode to tell a story, as in the case of “Aliens of London” and “World War III”, both episodes will be covered in the same review. I stopped doing this with Series 9 as it was easier to review by reviewing them as separate reviews.)

Companions: Who’s travelling with the Doctor this time?

Season: Which season are we in? The new show and Big Finish use “series”, but it’s the same idea.

Writer: Who to blame or praise for this script.

Director: The one who oversaw the episode.

Producer: The final word.

Summary: A one-to-two paragraph summary of the plot. Might be longer for those stories that are more than 4 parts.

Review: This is where I critique the episode

Rating: Scale of 1 to 10.  10 means this is an essential story or audio drama, one of the best. 5 means your mileage may vary, and anything lower than 3 should be skipped.

Continuity: What important things happen in this story? Do companions leave? Do we get a plot point that ties into the current series? (yes, the current series does give nods to the classic)

Trivia:  Fun facts about the episode or audio drama.


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