Fifth: The King’s Demons

kamellionWriter: Terence Dudley

Director: Tony Virgo

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Companions: Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding), Vislor Turlough (Mark Strickson), Kamelion (voiced by Gerald Flood)

Season: 20, ep.6 (25-26)

Summary: The Doctor and companions arrive in England in 1215, where they discover the Master is attempting to stop the signing of the Magna Carta using a shape-shifting android named Kamelion.

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Fifth: Eye of the Scorpion

eyeWriter: Iain McLaughlin

Director/Producer: Gary Russell

Companions: Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant), Erimem (Caroline Morris)

Summary: The Doctor and Peri arrive in ancient Thebes, Egypt. There they meet Erimem, the sole heir to the reign Amenhotep II. She is to become pharaoh, which confuses the Doctor because he doesn’t remember her name among the list of all the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. However, there is an assassination plot that may prevent her from even ascending to the throne.

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Fifth: Snakedance

snakedanceWriter: Christopher Bailey

Director: Fiona Cummings

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Companions: Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton)

No. of Episodes: 4

Season: 20, Episode 2 (5-8)

Summary: The Mara once again plague Tegan’s dreams, turning her and Lon, the son of their planet’s new rulers, into pawns. The Doctor finds himself transported to their planet and he and Nyssa must free Tegan and Lon from their influence.

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Fifth: Kinda

kindaWriter: Christopher Bailey

Director: Peter Grimwade

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Companions: Adric (Matthew Waterhouse), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding)

No. of Episodes: 4

Season: 19, ep 3 (9-12)

Summary: The Doctor and companions visit the planet Deva Loka, inhabited by a primitive race called the Kinda.  An expedition is attempting to colonize the planet, but many members are disappearing and they suspect the Kinda are behind it all. In the midst of all this, Tegan is possessed by an entity known as the Mara.

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Overview: The Peter Davison Era (1981-1984)

fifth doctor

neon logo

John Nathan-Turner became the final producer of Classic Doctor Who, having been part of the show since the 60’s. Tom Baker had stepped down as Fourth Doctor, and Nathan-Turner was poised to modernize Doctor Who with a new logo and new opening, and a new Doctor, Peter Davison.

About Peter Davison

Peter Davison’s real name is Peter Moffatt. He started out as a stage manager at the Nottingham Playhouse. He chose his stage name so he would not be confused with the director of the same name, who he later worked with at one point. Prior to his work on Doctor Who, his most famous role was as Tristan on the TV series All Creatures Great and Small. He was the youngest actor to play the Doctor before Matt Smith.

Peter Davison’s daughter Georgia appeared in “The Doctor’s Daughter” and later married David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor.

“The trouble with time travel is one never seems to find the time”–“The Caves of Androzani”

In a Nutshell

  • Catch Phrases: “Sorry, must dash!” and “Brave heart, Tegan.”
  • The Tom Baker era was the final era to have 6-part episodes. The Peter Davison era had mostly 4-part episodes, with some 2-parters as well.
  • The sonic screwdriver was destroyed in “The Visitation”. It would not be restored until the Doctor Who TV movie with Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.

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Fifth: Time-Flight

timeflightWriter: Peter Grimwade

Director: Ron Jones

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Companions: Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) and Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding)

Season: 21, ep 5 (20-23) No. of Episodes: 4

Summary: With Adric now dead, the Doctor tries to find a diversion for Nyssa and Tegan. Instead, he accidentally finally takes Tegan back to Heathrow, where she has been badgering him to go since she joined. But when they arrive, they discover that the supersonic passenger jet the Concorde has disappeared–with everyone still on it! The culprit–The Master!

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Fifth Doctor Audio: Loups-Garoux


Note: This is only available for download and on Spotify.

Writer: Marc Platt

Director: Nicholas Pegg

Producers: Gary Russell and Jason Haigh-Ellery

Executive Producer: Jacqueline Rayner

Running Time: 2 hours, 17 minutes

Companion: Vislor Turlough (Mark Strickson)

Summary: In 1589, the townspeople of Cologne execute a man they have discovered is a werewolf.  In Russia 1812, a ravenous daughter of a merchant is rescued from a bandit. The story then shifts to Brazil, 2080, where the Doctor and Turlough have arrived just in time for Carnival.  They meet the wealthy Ileana de Santos, whose son is tended by Dr. Hiyashi and a mysterious woman named Rosa, who is searching for the destiny of her extinct tribe. All the while, a werewolf stalks them from the shadows.

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Destiny of the Doctor: Smoke and Mirrors (5th Doctor and Tegan)


Writer: Steve Lyons

Director: John Ainsworth

Companions: Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding, narrator), Nyssa, and Adric

Running Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Summary: The Doctor receives a psionic message and takes his companions to a circus in the 1920’s. There, they meet Harry Houdini, who happens to be an old friend of the Doctor’s. But an old foe is waiting for them.

Review: This was a treat. The story had all the trappings of the best Fifth Doctor stories.  I liked that it seemed as though there were off-screen adventures with Houdini that we were unaware of, and with previous Doctors to boot! Janet’s impression of the Master was spot on.  I also liked that the story was also part of Big Finish’s attempts to “fix” unfavorable companions.  Adric was actually put in a situation that played to his strengths, and he didn’t come across nearly as smug as he would on TV. Tegan didn’t seem as crass or complaining in this one, even though this was before she was eventually fired from her job in “Time-Flight”. She actually seemed like she was having fun. If this was the version we saw on TV, I might’ve believed her more in “Resurrection of the Daleks” when she said she wanted to leave because “it wasn’t fun anymore.” This story, like many of the others in this series, is a true tribute to the Davison era.

Continuity: Tegan once again fails to reach Heathrow, which was her main concern early in Davison’s era.  The Doctor mentions that his sonic screwdriver was destroyed, which happened in “The Visitation.” The Eleventh Doctor actually uses River Song’s “spoilers” catch phrase.  The Master taunts both Nyssa and Tegan about destroying Traken and killing Tegan’s aunt. Houdini mentions that the Doctor and the Master were at the academy together. Apparently, Houdini has met both the Second and Third Doctors, as he makes allusions to them and even name-drops Jo Grant.

Fifth Doctor Audio: The Mutant Phase


Writer and Director: Nicholas Briggs

Producers: Gary Russell and Jason Haigh-Ellery

Executive Producer: Jacqueline Rayner

Companion: Nyssa (Sarah Sutton)

Running Time: 2 hours

Summary: The Doctor and Nyssa encounter the Daleks and discover they now occupy Earth in the 22nd Century. Then they travel to the 43rd century, where a rogue Thal has discovered a paradox that could threaten the fabric time. This frightens even the Daleks. It is the Mutant Phase, an infection that could mutate them even further.

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