Destiny of the Doctor: The Time Machine (11th and Alice Watson)

the-time-machineWriter: Matt Fitton

Director: John Ainsworth

Narrator: Jenna Coleman (note: Clara Oswald is not in this story)

Companion: Alice Watson (narrator, Jenna Oswald)

Running Time: 1 hr., 9 minutes

Summary: Professor Chivers and his assistant Alice Watson have constructed a time machine on Nov 23, 2013. The Doctor has discovered that an alien race called the Creevix have intervened, giving the professor access to technology much farther advanced then his own.  Can the Doctor prevent the damage this might do?

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Destiny of the Doctor: Night of the Whisper


Writers: Cavan Scott & Mark Wright

Director: John Ainsworth

Companions: Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness

Running Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

(Note: This story is the only “Destiny in the Doctors” story that does not include appearances by any of the actors who play the companions. Instead, the whole thing is read by Nicholas Briggs. That’s why I didn’t include any names for the actors above.)

Summary: Captain Jack Harkness takes the Ninth Doctor and Rose to New Vegas, an outer space version of Las Vegas in the 23rd Century on a moon. Rose poses as a waitress and Jack poses as a reporter. The Ninth Doctor has discovered that a mysterious vigilante called the Whisper is on the loose, and has turned against the police. The Doctor works alongside the police to discover the Whisper’s true intentions.

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Destiny of the Doctor: Enemy Aliens (8th and Charley)


Writer: Alan Barnes

Director: John Ainsworth

Companion: Charley Pollard (India Fisher, narrator)

Running Time: 1 hour

Summary: The 8th Doctor receives a message from the 11th Doctor, but it’s broken. It warns them of an invasion, telling them “Rossini is the key!”. But they find themselves in the midst of a conspiracy when the 8th Doctor is framed for murder.

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Destiny of the Doctor: Shockwave (7th and Ace)


Writer: John Swallow

Director: John Ainsworth

Running Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Companion: Ace (Sophia Aldred, narrator)

Summary: In the future, the inhabitants of Tarsus Six are desperately attempting to escape their planet before their sun , Tarsus Ultra, collapses.

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Destiny of the Doctor: Trouble in Paradise (6th Doctor and Peri)

troubleWriter: Nev Fountain

Director: Jonathan Ainsworth

Companion: Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant, narrator)

Summary: The 6th Doctor receives a message from the 11th Doctor. He wants them to find an “Omni-paradox” in 1492.  They meet Christopher Columbus, but Peri is not enthusiastic because she had to study Columbus in high school and came away hating him.  Peri also sees the devil himself on the ship, and one of the sailors has come down with tuberculosis.

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Destiny of the Doctor: Smoke and Mirrors (5th Doctor and Tegan)


Writer: Steve Lyons

Director: John Ainsworth

Companions: Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding, narrator), Nyssa, and Adric

Running Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Summary: The Doctor receives a psionic message and takes his companions to a circus in the 1920’s. There, they meet Harry Houdini, who happens to be an old friend of the Doctor’s. But an old foe is waiting for them.

Review: This was a treat. The story had all the trappings of the best Fifth Doctor stories.  I liked that it seemed as though there were off-screen adventures with Houdini that we were unaware of, and with previous Doctors to boot! Janet’s impression of the Master was spot on.  I also liked that the story was also part of Big Finish’s attempts to “fix” unfavorable companions.  Adric was actually put in a situation that played to his strengths, and he didn’t come across nearly as smug as he would on TV. Tegan didn’t seem as crass or complaining in this one, even though this was before she was eventually fired from her job in “Time-Flight”. She actually seemed like she was having fun. If this was the version we saw on TV, I might’ve believed her more in “Resurrection of the Daleks” when she said she wanted to leave because “it wasn’t fun anymore.” This story, like many of the others in this series, is a true tribute to the Davison era.

Continuity: Tegan once again fails to reach Heathrow, which was her main concern early in Davison’s era.  The Doctor mentions that his sonic screwdriver was destroyed, which happened in “The Visitation.” The Eleventh Doctor actually uses River Song’s “spoilers” catch phrase.  The Master taunts both Nyssa and Tegan about destroying Traken and killing Tegan’s aunt. Houdini mentions that the Doctor and the Master were at the academy together. Apparently, Houdini has met both the Second and Third Doctors, as he makes allusions to them and even name-drops Jo Grant.

Destiny of the Doctor: Babblesphere (4th Doctor and Romana II)


Writer: Jonathan Morris

Director: John Ainsworth

Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Companion: Romana II (Lalla Ward, narrator)

Summary: The Doctor and Romana arrive on the planet Hephastos, which is supposed to be colonized by composers, painters, and authors.  They discover the planet is decaying. The colonists are enslaved by an artificial intelligence known as the Babble Network. The Babble Network occupies everyone’s minds, sharing everyone’s thoughts and storing them as information. Everyone’s thoughts are so open that the Babble Network has made privacy a crime. The Doctor and Romana realize that in order to save the colony, the Network must be destroyed. There’s just one problem: They both forgot their sonic screwdrivers, and K-9 needs repairs (again.)

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Destiny of the Doctor: Vengeance of the Stones (Third Doctor and Captain Mike Yates)


Writer: Andrew Smith

Director: John Ainsworth

Companions: Mike Yates (Richard Franklin, narrator), Brigadier

Summary: Captain Mike Yates recounts the first time he met the Brigadier and the Third Doctor. The three have them have been called by UNIT to investigate the disappearance of two RAF fighter jets.  The Doctor discovers the disappearances are linked to stone circles which are plentiful in Scotland.

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Destiny of the Doctor: Shadow of Death (2nd Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe)


Writer: Simon Gurrier

Director: John Ainsworth

Companions: Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines, narrator), Zoe Heriot

Summary: The TARDIS makes an emergency landing on a world orbiting a pulsar that can warp time.  The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe discover scientists studying an ancient city. It appears to be abandoned, but in reality, beings called the Quiet Ones have detected their presence. But help comes from an unexpected source.

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Destiny of the Doctor: Hunters of Earth (1st Doctor and Susan)


Writer: Nigel Robinson

Director: John Ainsworth

Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Note: The “Destiny of the Doctor” series is  a collaboration between Big Finish and AudioGo, running through the lives of Doctors 1-11, celebrating the TV show’s 50th anniversary. Each story is narrated by a specific companion of the Doctor, sort of like Big Finish’s “Companion Chronicles” range, and has one other actor.

Companion and Narrator: Susan (Carole Ann Ford)

Summary: Shoreditch, London, 1963. The Beatles have beaten John Smith and the Common Men to No. 1 and satellites are being launched in outer space. Back down on Earth, strange goings-on are occurring: the normally placid teenagers of Coal Hill are running riot and a master thief is stealing highly specialised equipment.

Schoolgirl Susan Foreman just wants an easy life for herself and her grandfather, the mysterious Doctor. She wants to be liked and accepted by Cedric and all the other pupils at Coal Hill School. But there’s trouble in the streets and bombsites around Totter’s Lane.

The teenagers are becoming dangerous… Their mission: to hunt down anyone different, or alien… Susan’s quiet life is about to spiral out of control. Having inadvertently started drawing attention to herself, she finds herself in a desperate situation. Suddenly, the chase is on and she and her grandfather are now the hunted. (from Big Finish’s description)

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