Torchwood: Fragments

fragmentsWriter: Chris Chibnall

Director: Jonathan Fox Bassett

Summary: Twin women kidnap Jack and seem to know about Torchwood. We finally see how Jack recruited the original team.

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Iris Wildthyme: The Land of Wonder

land of wonderWriter: Paul Magrs

Director: Gary Russell

Running Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Series: 2.2

Summary: Iris is now exiled on earth, working for the Ministry for Alien Incursions and Other Wonders (MIAOW). She is helping Professor Ramsbottom and his assistant Audrey unearth a vehicle under a London railway station. They eventually find themselves in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, in the midst of an alien invasion.

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Torchwood: Adrift

adriftWriter: Chris Chibnall

Director: Mark Everest

Producer: Richard Stokes and Sophia Fante

Summary: Gwen is called in by an old colleague to investigate a missing person. Her investigation leads to a dark secret within Torchwood, angering Captain Jack.

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Seventh: Remembrance of the Daleks

remembranceWriter: Ben Aaronovitch

Director: Andrew Morgan

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Companion: Ace (Sophia Aldred)

Season: 26, ep. 1 (1-4)

Summary: The Doctor and Ace have travelled back to Totter’s Lane in 1963 and discover that Davros is looking for the Hand of Omega and is caught between two warring factions of Daleks.

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Torchwood: From Out of the Rain

rainWriter: Peter J. Hammond

Producer: Richard Stokes

Director: Jonathan Fox Bassett

Summary: An old cinema has re-opened, awakening old horrors. These are the Night Travelers, a group that Jack has apparently dealt with before. The team finds bodies with heartbeats, but no breath.

Review: This was a creepy one, and it seemed like one that could happen on the main show if they altered it slightly. The Night Travelers are good villains. Some good music too.

Overall Review: 10/10

Editorial: Jodie Whittaker Spoiler Critique

I normally don’t like to talk about a new season before it talks, but with all the hype about the new direction things are going, I thought I’d bend the rules a bit and talk about what we know so far. I’ll be critiquing each item that’s been announced, with the exception of the new composer because we don’t even have a name yet, and even if we did, I’d need a listen to the person’s repertoire.


Let’s start with the wardrobe. I like it. I’ve always felt the Doctor’s outfit should look odd, but not overtly ridiculous. The Doctor has never really gotten fashion right as a male, so why would a female Doctor? It doesn’t look too bad, and I like the color scheme of her shirt.

new companions

Our new companions are played by Mandip Gill (Yasmin), Bradley Walsh (Graham), and Tosin Cole (Ryan). I know nothing of what they’ve done before this show, and even if I did, I wouldn’t judge them this early. My main problem is the number of companions. I’ve often felt Doctor Who was at its best when we had one or two companions. The show always makes good use of a small cast. When you have more than two companions, the stories can become a mess and often a character doesn’t feel developed enough. This happened in both the Hartnell and Davison eras. Susan and Nyssa got shafted, and they really shouldn’t have. I’m not saying this will ruin the show, but I don’t like the idea.

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Fifth: Eye of the Scorpion

eyeWriter: Iain McLaughlin

Director/Producer: Gary Russell

Companions: Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant), Erimem (Caroline Morris)

Summary: The Doctor and Peri arrive in ancient Thebes, Egypt. There they meet Erimem, the sole heir to the reign Amenhotep II. She is to become pharaoh, which confuses the Doctor because he doesn’t remember her name among the list of all the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. However, there is an assassination plot that may prevent her from even ascending to the throne.

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Sixth: Vengeance on Varos

varosWriter: Phillip Martin

Director: Tony Troaden

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Companion: Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant)

Season: 22, ep. 2

No. of Episodes 2, 45 minutes each

Summary: The Doctor and Peri arrive on the planet Varos in search of Zeiton-7, an element which could repair the TARDIS. The planet is run by a corporation that broadcasts tortures and experimentations on those who dare oppose it. The outcomes of the broadcasts are decided by viewers. Overlooking the broadcasts is a sadistic, disgusting creature named Sil, who delights in the torture.

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Seventh Doctor Lost Story: Thin Ice

thin iceWriter: Marc Platt

Director: Ken Bentley

Producer: David Richardson

Companion: Ace (Sophia Aldred)

Running Time: 2 hours, 34 minutes (w/interviews)

Series: 2.3

Summary: The Doctor and Ace travel to Russia during the Cold War and discover that Martian relics are being used to construct a new weapon. An Ice Warrior named Sezhyr has been resurrected. And Ace learns just what plans the Doctor had in store for her.

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