Torchwood: A Day in the Death

daytorchwoodWriter: Joseph Lidster

Director: Andy Goddard

Producer: Richard Stokes

Summary: Jack has second thoughts about resuscitating Owen and wants Martha to replace him because Owen has become suicidal.

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Torchwood: Reset

resettorchwoodWriter: J.C. Wilsher

Director: Ashley Way

Producer: Richard Stokes

Summary: Martha Jones joins Torchwood, having joined UNIT after leaving the Doctor.  They investigate mysterious deaths at a medical testing center. They discover an alien larva is incubating in the bodies.

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Tenth Doctor: Utopia


Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Graeme Harper

Producer: Phil Collinson

Series: 3, ep. 11

Companions: Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman)

Review: The Doctor and Martha make a pit stop in Cardiff to refuel using the wormhole and the TARDIS is spotted by Captain Jack. He’d been following them (this is left over from a Torchwood episode), He hitches a ride on the TARDIS as it disappears and the three of them arrive on a world at the edge of civilization. He reveals that he’s been tracking them using a vortex manipulator. The civilization houses a facility being maintained by a man named Professor Yana and his alien assistant Chantho. The facility is ravaged by rabid beings called the Futurekind. Yana has been trying to get off the planet with everyone for years, but doesn’t know how to repair the rocket inside the facility.  The Doctor repairs it and everyone begins boarding. Yana and Martha talk and he reveals that he’s been hearing drumming in head incessantly for years. He gives her a pocketwatch similar to the one the Doctor had in “Human Nature”. Martha notices it and opens it, unknowingly awakening Yana’s true self–The Master. The Master then sabotages the facility, killing many of the humans in the facility before entering the TARDIS and regenerating. This leads into Series 3’s 2-part finale.

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