Dalek Empire: The Human Factor

human factorWriter/Director: Nicholas Briggs

Story: 1.2

Running Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes

Summary: Susan Mendes has become the Daleks’ “Angel of Mercy”. She gives all the slaves just enough hope that they will be saved from Dalek rule, and gives the slaves enough food, water, and rest to be efficient slaves.

Review: I thought this was pretty good. Susan is a good protagonist. She is in an ironic position: she has saved her people that food, water, and hope is necessary, but wishes she had given them this advice. While they have what is necessary to survive, her people are still slaves, just better cared for slaves. Sarah Mowat is great as Susan, conveying her anger and hopelessness well.

Overall Review: 9/10

Note: This story continues in the special release Return of the Daleks, starring the Seventh Doctor.



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