Eleventh: Nightmare in Silver

nightmare in silver

Writer: Neil Gaiman

Director: Stephen Wolfenden

Producers: Marcuse Wilson and Denise Paul

Companion: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)

Series: 7, episode 12

Summary: When Clara is discovered by the children she’s babysitting, the Docto takes them to Webley’s World of Wonders, an outer space amusement park The owner¬†has remains of the Cybermen¬†and a midget named Porridge. But they discover the Cybermen are not scrapped remains. They are very much alive and have taken the children hostage. They infect the Doctor with Cyber-mites, nanites that threaten to turn him over to their side.

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Eleventh Doctor: The Bells of St. John


Writer: Steven Moffatt

Director: Colin McCarthy

Producer: Denise Paul

Companion: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)

Series: 7, ep 6

Summary: The Doctor gets a phone call from the TARDIS from the present-day version of Clara. She is babysitting and using the Wi-Fi. This is a plot by the Great Intelligence to trap people in the Internet.

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Eleventh Doctor: The Angels Take Manhattan

angels take manhattan

Writer: Steven Moffatt

Director: Nick Hurran

Producer: Marcus Wilson

Companions: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), River Song (Alex Kingston)

Series: 7, episode 5

Summary: The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River Song are in New York City investigating time distortions. The Doctor is taking time out to read a book by Melody Malone and rips out the last page, telling Amy “I don’t like endings.” He is shocked when he discovers that whatever happens in the story happens to them. To make matters worse, Weeping Angels have overrun New York City, hoping to trap them and everyone else. Because of the book, this is now a fixed point. And once again, the Doctor will have to say goodbye.

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Eleventh Doctor: The Power of Three

power of three

Writer: Chris Chibnall

Producer: Marcus Wilson

Director: Douglas McKinnon

Companions: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), Kate Stewart (Jenna Redgrave)

Series: 7, ep. 4

Summary: Small cubes are popping up all over the world. UNIT is alerted, and the Doctor meets Kate Stewart, the daughter of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor is curious about the cubes and waits for them to act, but it takes a very long time, causing him to actually stay for a whole year. The cubes eventually start doing random things, sometimes dangerous things like cutting people. He eventually learns that they are an alien invasion.

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Eleventh Doctor: A Town Called Mercy

mercyWriter: Toby Whithouse

Director: Saul Metzstein

Producer: Marcus Wilson

Companions: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill)

Series: 7, episode 3

Summary: The Doctor, Amy, and Rory, arrive in the Wild West town of Mercy in Nevada. The Doctor becomes intrigued when he sees streetlamps, as they are not supposed to be invented yet. The townspeople try to throw him out when he admits to being an alien. That’s when he learns about Kahler-Jex, an alien who’s been hiding out in the town, and also gave them streetlamps, powered by his ship’s generator. He also learns that a cybernetic gunslinger has targeted Kahler-Jex. The Doctor must decide whether to let Kahler-Jex live, or die for interfering with the laws of time.

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