Iris Wildthyme: The Land of Wonder

land of wonderWriter: Paul Magrs

Director: Gary Russell

Running Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Series: 2.2

Summary: Iris is now exiled on earth, working for the Ministry for Alien Incursions and Other Wonders (MIAOW). She is helping Professor Ramsbottom and his assistant Audrey unearth a vehicle under a London railway station. They eventually find themselves in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, in the midst of an alien invasion.

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Iris Wildthyme: The Sound of Fear

sound of fearWriter: Mark Michalowski

Director: Gary Russell

Running Time: 1 hr, 20 minutes

Summary: Iris is bummed that Tom left at the end of season 1’s finale. To cheer herself up, she uses her TARDIS’s radio to listen to a program called Radio Yesterday. She decides to convince them to let her be part of the show. She takes the TARDIS to the radio station and discovers that Sam Gold, the DJ of the station, remembers that she was his wife. Panda snoops around and discovers that an alien race called the Naxians are using the show to brainwash its listeners.

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