frostfireWriter: Marc Platt

Director/Producer: Mark J. Thompson

Companion/Narrator: Vicki (Maureen O’Brien)

Series/Number: 1.1

Running Time: 1 hour

Summary: Vicki has become the Lady Cressida, and is now living in ancient Troy with the prince Trolius, continuing from the missing episode, “The Mythmakers”. She recollects when she, the Doctor, and Steven went to the Frost Fair in 1814. An egg has been discovered and a dragon has hatched from it, and is named The Cinder. Jane Austen may become its first victim!

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Companion Chronicles: Mother Russia (1st Doctor, Steven Taylor, and Dodo)


Writer: Marc Platt

Director: Nigel Fairs

Companions: Steven Taylor (Peter Purves, Narrator), Dodo

Running Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Summary: A shapeshifting alien is interrogating Steven Taylor. Taylor tells him about when he, the Doctor, and Dodo travelled to Moscow in the 1800’s and met Napoleon as he was invading.

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